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Whether you are a renter or property manager, Rent Spot is ideal for finding your next place to rent in Kelowna. We have Kelowna rental listings for apartments, houses, condos and much more. If you are a property manager, our ads will have your Kelowna rental property or vacation rental, rented in no time!

Renters - Rent Kelowna apartments, condos and houses

Perform your search for Kelowna rental properties with Rent Spot and enjoy:

  • Unlimited FREE searches for Kelowna apartments for rent
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  • Comprehensive Kelowna rental listings - homes, condos, shared accommodation
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  • Rental Tools - Add to favorites, share listings, email to friends, report ads and contact landlords

Kelowna Property Managers - use Rent Spot for greater results, rent your Kelowna rental property faster:

Place your ad with Rent Spot and enjoy access to thousands of renters looking for an ideal place to live or vacation in the Okanagan:

  • Qualified Renters - get access to 1000's of renters looking to rent in Kelowna
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Place your ad on Rent Spot today and rent your Kelowna rental property faster!

Okanagan rentals - we have rental and vacation rental ads for the entire valley

The Okanagan Valley is an ideal place to live, work and play! Property Managers who have invested here know value when they see it. Rent Spot is an ideal place to post your rental/vacation listing whether you are looking to rent it out for a day, week, month or year. For renters, Rent Spot has your Okanagan rentals - use our online category search to find your ideal Okanagan rental listings.

Our coverage of the Okanagan valley includes:

  • Rent in Armstrong - the home to the Caravan Theatre.
  • Enerby houses for rent - located on the banks of the lovely Shuswap River.
  • Kelowna - rent in Kelowna and live in one of Canada's hottest city.
  • Rent in Oliver - an ideal gateway for the Okanagan wineries.
  • Osoyoos - find your ideal Osoyoos vacation property for the summer.
  • Peachland - rent in Peachland and enjoy quick access to larger communities like Westbank and Kelowna.
  • Penticton - Rent out a Penticton vacation property on your next vacation, skip the hotel!
  • Salmon Arm - rent in Salmon Arm, the gateway to the Shuswaps and Okanagan.
  • Rent Summerland - located on Okanagan Lake, in the heart of the Okanagan Valley!
  • Vernon houses for rent - nestled between three beautiful lakes, this is the place to stay!

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